The purchase of a new home is quite often the largest investment a customer makes in his lifetime. At Davis Dunn Construction, we take that responsibility seriously. We take great pride in treating our customers with the honesty and fairness necessary for long term success.

Quality workmanship is what makes Davis Dunn stand out above the rest. During the past several years, Americans have become more concerned with how fast or cheap something can be done rather than how well it can be done. At Davis Dunn Construction, we believe in doing things the “old school” way and take pride in the quality craftsmanship we put into every element of a project. 

Creativity is also a critical part of our ideology. Construction is a constantly changing business where new ideas and products are continually being developed. We are always researching new material, going to trade shows, and trying new ideas. In the custom home market that we specialize in, making each home unique and different from the next is crucial. At Davis Dunn Construction, we plan to take the characteristics that made us a leader in our industry into the 21st Century.


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